Tuesday 12 July 2011

Video…. A New Way of using Alcohol Inks?

This week is Alcohol Ink week over at the Craft Barn Blog.
Here is a video I have made for the Wishing Well using Alcohol Inks in a slightly different way.
This technique is very similar to marbling, but gives a more subtle effect using Adirondack Alcohol Inks.
The results are very random and give really interesting backgrounds.

Results on 300 GSM Cardstock
DSC_0203 (Large)DSC_0218 (Large)

DSC_0214 (Large)DSC_0215 (Large)

Bisque beads
DSC_0220 (Large)


DSC_0439 (Large)

Use Adirondack Brights for more vivid results and be liberal with the ink, also allow to dry naturally and not with a heat tool.
Here is the video, have fun experimenting with this one and please let me know how you get on!



  1. Great Technique, Andy thanks for shwoing :)) definitely will be trying this one!

  2. Very Cool, thanks for sharing! Mmmmm Raspberry Ripple too!

  3. Love the effect, will be trying this one, thanks!

  4. Great effects and such an easy but very effective technique !

  5. yes.. I agree with all the others. its very cool and i have to try it. (one more way for me to use a ton of alcohol inks and then go shopping with multi-coloured hands .. usually its some disgusting shade that resembles nicotine and i get the urge to explain myself)
    I love the beads. if I give it a go and blog I will be sure to redirect folks here...


  6. Stunning effects !!!
    I cant wait to play with this :)


  7. Great technique - can't wait to give it a go - multi coloured fingers coming up! :)

  8. Wow, fabulous technique! I've watched the video several times now. Must try this.

  9. Lovely effects and going to try it thank you.

  10. just watched your Youtube tute - fabulous! off to play!

  11. This is a great video - I saw it earlier today on The Craft Barn Blog.

    I'll definitely be giving it a try - probably with the help of my boys during the school holidays, they'll love it.

    Thanks so much.


  12. Thanks Andy! Very cool!! =D

  13. Well i've had a play and i'm a tad disappointed at the results.. but only because i don't have any of the light or bright inks yet so all mine came out kinda muted.. still it's a fab technique and i had great fun playing, just need to save for some bright inks now! Thanks so much for sharing :D

  14. Again thank you very much for charing!

  15. Fabulous new technique- just another fun way to try my alcohol inks! Thanks for the great video Andy and the results are awesome!

  16. That´s great, thank you for showing this technik!
    Nice day, Sabine

  17. thats fantastic! Thanks! Will try it too!

  18. Looks lovely! I am going to try this technique.

  19. Do you put the paper or card stock on something to dry or do you hang them up. Doesn’t it smug the backs?

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