Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Alcohol inks

I have at last had time to play around with alcohol inks, I think I am going to experiment lots with these, I am loving them! Ok here are my first attempts, both are on large 30cm x 20cm glazed white tiles.

Click images for a larger view,

I have called this the Tree of Temptation...(Think I may have been watching too much big brother) :)


  1. These are wonderful...sometimes just playing gives great results and often, I find a mistake can be the best thing you have ever done. Not that you have made any mistakes, here.
    The thing about Alcohol Inks is that they are hard to control!!!

    These two pieces really beautiful, Andy!!!
    Sue xx

  2. Loving the tree of life using the large tile. Is definetly something I would like to try. I have some leftover tile from bathroom project and these would come in handy for this painting technique. I could not find the video for the instructions. Would you please derect me in the right direction to the video so I can make these great paintings. Love your site, Vicki

  3. I really need to do these painting on glazed white tiles. Is there a video to show how. Love , love these Hugs, Vicki

  4. Vicki best advice is experiment and have a go, if it goes wrong you can always wipe it of and start again.


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