Thursday, 30 September 2010

Me…Nervous?… Maybe just a little ... Ok Ok lots!

Can I just say a big thank you to everyone who attended the trade day at Country Love Ceramics on Monday, It was quite a nerve racking experience for me but you were all so kind and really helped put me at ease.
I have only been experimenting with stamping onto pottery for a short while and having to demonstrate this to people who do it as a business?? Yikes!!!  I literally had no idea what to expect and honestly thought you would all look at my samples and know exactly which techniques and materials I had used, but to my surprise that was not the case.
I fully understand now that for many of you it was information overload, so as promised I will post some of my techniques up here on the blog next week.

Moving away from ceramic glazes for a while and getting back to my old love of Mixed Media has been a fantastic experience, I am now completely hooked.
After spending an afternoon with the lovely Lindsay Mason who taught me so much about inks and stamping techniques in the few hours we had has made me want to go shopping this weekend to buy more inks and stamps to experiment with!….Thank you Lindsay for helping me spend my money :).
Also a big thank you to Paula Pascual  who was so kind and helpful throughout the event.
Here are a few of the pottery Items from the day, I will post more next week.



Acrylic and Stazon ink
Distress Inks
Image Transfer and Stazon Ink

Acrylic and Versa Ink


  1. Well, I don't know if you were nervous, but I have only heard positive feedback about your trade day from my boss (Sandy, at the Craft Barn).What you have done looks stunning and I'm envious she went there and I did not. Can't wait to find out more.

  2. I totally get the same nerves when I talked to fellow demonstrators at Trade events. But I am sure that everyone learnt a lot from you even those who wont admit it! It was so much fun the event and you did a fantastic job. I learnt a lot and I can't wait to have a play in my studio. I love my cupcake!

  3. Thankyou for your kind comments.

  4. It was a pleasure to work with you Andy and I think you taught me more than I taught you!!! I am looking forward to working with you again soon and sharing more ideas. Like Paula, I know how you felt demonstrating to trade customers but you were great. Lindsay

  5. Hi Andy
    I was there at Country Love Ceramics.
    You were very inspirational and I loved your demos. I decided to use my decorated cup cake to grow plants in, but have not done it yet... do you remember??

    You gave us so many great ideas to try, like transferring with the spray varnish and using the Isoclene.

    I have now got my spray so I am ready for the off.

    My favourite medium is collage, but I have a bundle of bisque now to start playing on.

    Thanks for all the ideas and inspiration.
    Sue xx

    I am now going to explore your blog and website!!

  6. Hi Sue,
    Yes I remember! Glad you enjoyed the day. One note about the image transfer is you need a laser printer or copy for it to work well. Inkjet is no good.
    The bisque takes a little getting used to. I look forward to seeing your experiments!!


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