Saturday 20 November 2010

Texture Glass

What a week!  It’s been so busy that I have not had much time to play but when I received some new products from DecoArt yesterday I just had to have a quick go with the Texture Glass on a test tile.
What I really liked about the product is the fact it does not self level and stays exactly where you apply it. The drying time is quite long when applied thick, but this gives you plenty of working time to model and texture it. I popped this tile on a radiator last night and it was dry by this morning.
I also used it for an Image transfer and It worked really well, possibly better than Duraclear.
I am teaching an intensive pottery painting course for 4 days next week so I shall have to find time in the evenings to play with all the new products.

Glass texture paint
Texture Glass is a gel-like product that dries clear. Easily applied with a palette knife, fan brush or texture Tool, it can enhance the look of most hard surfaces. Texture Glass is used in home decor as well as crafting. Picture frames, vases, urns and other flat or smooth surfaces can be dimensional with the addition of Texture Glass.

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