Monday 17 January 2011

Manama Day Two

Hi everyone,
Just pictures tonight as I am so tired and starting very early in the morning.
I just had to share with you the wall I photographed earlier today.  As I took the photograph a prayer was ringing out aloud over the rooftops, I was mesmerised and really caught in the moment, I guess this is very normal for people who live here but for me as a first time visitor it really was a magical moment. This is a very cool wall… whatever it says!

Andy skinner Bahrain (Large)
Here are just a few of the fantastic enamelled jewellery pieces made on the jewellery workshop today at Studio Ceramics in Manama, Bahrain.
I cant wait to show you the ceramic pieces from the workshops once they have been glazed and fired
enambahrain (Small)
Tomorrow you will get pictures from outside and inside this beautiful studio.

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