Wednesday 2 March 2011


My clay stamped heart clock has been broken! and guess what? nobody knows anything about it! I guess it just broke all by itself then!!..Ok rant over..

I spent the day running a workshop on Clay and plaster baby prints which was fun. Harry who is 4 months old joined us with his mum at 11 am and we took 6 sets of prints, he was so good and smiled the whole way through.
As a present for mum we took a cast of her and Harry’s hand together!

Right must go as I need to set up for a workshop tomorrow, have a great evening,


  1. First of all, congratulations on your winning the Alter it competition...brilliant! Love the light in the shadow box idea, and love what you have chosen to buy with your prize voucher!
    Second......aaaaarrrrggghhhh seconded by me!!! How awful that gorgeous piece is broken. Can you repair it? Hope so. Lindsay x x PS Everyone is telling me how much they are loving your stamp designs!

  2. What a shame.....can it be repaired? The hand imprints look fab too !!

  3. It can be repaired with glue but will never be the same but I am going to give it a go.
    Thanks Lindsay, I was really pleased with the way it turned out in the end and have had 6 people ask me if I will run it as a workshop so I am considering doing that. Thats great news about the stamps, I ran a clay tile, bowl and plaque making workshop today and the delegates textured some bowls and tiles using some of your stamps, will send you some pics tomo.
    Take care,
    Andy x

  4. Hi Sid, I am going to try and repair it with a good strong glue.
    Your box of goodies went to the warehouse today to be posted out so hopefully they are on there way!



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