Monday 7 March 2011

My Next Altered Project!

Hello Everyone,

My great friend Justine who gave me the box for my Altered Art book project has given me something new to get my teeth into but this one is a bit scary… It’s a Vintage Acoustic Guitar!  Unfortunately she ruined it by leaving it laying against a wall for over a year and the neck has now bent.
Those of you that know me personally realise my love of guitars and the thought of doing this to a guitar is sacrilege but I have strict instructions..It is not to be too girly and a little bit grungy!  I am now waiting for inspiration and cant wait to get started on it!

Here it is!

It seems criminal!



  1. my husband alters guitars and amps..I would suggest sandpapering it down then adding inks and waxes over decoupaged images in a warm grungy sunburst pattern

    thanks for your comment on my bird paintings

  2. Unusual object to be altered Andy !


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