Saturday 26 March 2011

So Soft!

so soft

I have never been a great lover of fabric paint, either the colour pigment has been poor, they tend to dry very quickly, which does not allow you to blend and work with the colours and they often set hard to the touch even after washing. Oh and then there is the whole heat setting thing to be done afterwards!
So when I was given a set of the new Decoart So Soft fabric acrylic I was not overly excited to get started with them but I have bitten the bullet and have to say they really are top notch!

Before I continue I would just like to make clear that I am not paid by Decoart to review their products but I am lucky enough to get samples from their range to experiment with. If I feel that a product is in anyway inferior or problematic whether it be from Decoart or any other manufacturer it will not appear on this blog and I would definitely not recommend it.

Glad we have got that sorted! lol   Anyway as I was saying they are great to work with, colour range and pigment is impressive and blending is a breeze. They are perfect for stamping and wash off the stamps with ease.  As the name states they do dry so soft and the best bit…..they need no heat setting!

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The first T-Shirt has So Soft fabric paint applied loosely with a flat brush. I then brushed a thin coat onto a glazed tile and picked this up with rubber stamps from my Word Up set and stamped onto the fabric.
Sorry, I was forced into doing the cupcake! Smile


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  1. Fab stuff....even though I have not done much fabric art. Nice that you don't have to heat set too, and I hate those taht leave almost a rigid finish which is often not practical !


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