Saturday 12 March 2011

We All make Mistakes!

Unfortunately my long awaited goodies did not turn up for the weekend so that project will have to wait until next week, instead today I have concentrated on trying to reproduce a salt glaze effect background with acrylic and ink on a small canvas.

salt glaze,  in ceramics is a glaze having the texture of orange peel, formed on stoneware by throwing common salt into the kiln at the peak temperature. Sodium from the salt combines with silica in the clay to form a coating of sodium silicate. The glaze may be colourless or may be coloured various shades of brown (from iron oxide), blue (from cobalt oxide), or purple (from manganese oxide).
salt glaze
Below is my attempt, I really love the background, my mistake is combining it with a steampunk theme, for me it just does not work but I will continue to develop this technique and hopefully get it right next time!

Mixed Media layered backround canvas


  1. Love this effect Andy

  2. The effect is fab Andy !! Tutorial??

  3. I think I will do a tutorial as lots of people think I am using the old salt technique on top of wet acrylic but there is no salt involved in this whatsoever.

  4. Great, I'd like to know how you did it. It's a super background Andy.

  5. You can find the tutorial here lorraine


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