Sunday 28 August 2011

The Evil Elixir Mixer!

As most of you know I love altering and making things look old using a variety of techniques and media.
One type of media I have always struggled with altering are glass bottles, they are so easy to get hold of, especially if you like wine as much as I do!
The main problem I have is making paint adhere to the glass properly, you can use glass paint but this can still be scratched, even if it is oven baked, I have also used enamels but these dry glossy and I really wanted to use acrylic!
Well I am happy to say that after much experimenting and many disappointment's, I have eventually overcome the problem….Yippee!
Pictured below is the bottle I have used for my Evil Elixir Mixer altered bottle, Halloween is fast approaching and so is my dark side :)

and here it is the finished piece, very deMeng inspired!

Click Image For A Larger View
This project was completed in the hope of running an online workshop, not for you to produce the exact same bottle, although you may if you wish, but to share with you the techniques I use along with step by step instructions.
I run many workshops in Oxford which are mainly ceramic decorating and acrylic decorating techniques.
With the cost of fuel these days and having to take time of work etc, it can work out fairly expensive for people who live a fair distance away, this combined with many emails received asking me if I would put together some online courses has now prompted me to have a go.
One other great thing is that it enables those of you who are overseas to take part.
I have already setup a password protected site for the workshops where video's and instructions will be placed along with downloadable pdf's and there will also be a google group setup up for delegates to access at anytime to discuss the workshop with other delegates.
A tool's and materials list will be sent out upon registration. An invite to the workshop site and Google group will be sent out a couple of days prior to the workshop beginning.
The information will be removed from the site after four weeks from the start date, this will give everyone the chance to work at their own pace and you will also have the pdf's for future reference.
Now before I do anymore work on this I would just like to get a little feedback so please can I take a little of your time and ask you to complete the poll, and please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions or other feedback.

I will post out full details on the workshop soon




  1. Sounds a very good idea depending on the price, money is very tight at the moment and if you have to buy loads of products too, it mounts up the price! Love the bottle!

  2. I am so definitely up for this, dependent of price of course :)
    I took part in one a few months ago run similar to the way you are doing this and it was so good! x

  3. Brillinat idea, beautifully executed !!

  4. What a fantastic idea, and would be very interested, dependant on cost of course... now I am one of the lucky ones who has managed to get a space on your course at The Craft Barn in October but I'm very interested in online courses..... love the project by the way.....

  5. This is very cool. I just altered a bottle for the artistic stamper last week ( not to be shown till the 2nd Sep) but wasnt as cool as this...

  6. Hi, wonderful idea especially because I don't live in the UK and have already been there twice this year for courses!!! So glad I read this post! :)

  7. Your art is so cool to gaze upon! It always catches my eye! Lovin what I see! Awesome artful stuff!

  8. It reminds me of raku pottery - the beautiful blend of colors, the dull metallic sheen, the texture - SMASHING!!! Did you do the online tute for this?? I must investigate! I'm curious - what materials are used? clay? ceramic? some sort of funky paper blend? It is gorgeous and truly unique. WELL DONE! :)

  9. Wow, I think this is such a great activity to get people involved in, that bottle looks majestic!


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