Saturday 13 August 2011

Scrap Yard Challenge

A few weeks ago,  I posted on here regarding a shop called En Route in Chesham, whilst there I saw lots of fantastic south American art which had all been made from scrap metal.
They had wooden mirrors that had been covered with old rusty battered American number plates, these had been welded together and then tacked to the wooden frame.
I wish that I had a picture to show you because they were so cool.

Anyway this inspired me to attempt altering a wooden mirror myself, I wanted to achieve the effect of scrap metal welded and tacked together onto a wooden frame without having to use metal or a welding machine! :).
Click Image For A Larger view
I also had a go with an old biscuit tin.

scrapyard tin final
I will be running a full day workshop at the Craft Barn on October 29th which will cover all of these techniques.
You can book by simply calling them on 01342 836398. 
Apologies, the September workshop is fully booked.



  1. This is simply gorgeous. I've got several of those mirrors which are great for painting or altering in many ways. I hope one day you'll do a tutorial on here, how to do the scrap metal effect!

  2. Fab faux metal effects Andy !!!

  3. Oh so looking forward to it, great work!

  4. Love those faux metal effects Andy. Hope you can do some videos after your workshops.

  5. Lovely work! Do you have a tutorial for those of us in the U.S.? I would LOVE to visit the UK and take a class, however, it's not in my current budget! :-)


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