Thursday 4 August 2011

Something for the weekend sir? Steampunk Cufflinks

Hi everyone,
As I mentioned yesterday, I took time out today to create something just for the hell of it and blog about it!
I have been using silver clay for a few years now but never had a go with the copper clay, so I thought I would have a go and make a set of steampunk cufflinks with a box to match. As you can see from the picture there is only one cufflink on show, I will explain what happened to the other one later on…..whoops!

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copper steampunk cufflinksDSC_0548

I began by taking a mold of a few watch parts into some 2 part silicone moulding compound.
I then rolled out the copper clay to my desired thickness and embossed the surface using the silicon mold. Two squares of copper clay were then cut using a craft knife.
Once the clay was dry (very important) I placed the cufflink faces onto a firebrick and heated with a creme Brulee torch until they were cherry red for approx 7 minutes.

I immediately quenched them in water to remove any oxidisation.

Copper cufflink backings were then soldered on,  you can always get glue on backings if your not happy with the idea of soldering.

To finish off, I gave them a quick buff with a wire brush and a very slight polish.

Here is the second cufflink,  because of my impatience I started to fire it before the clay had properly dried and unfortunately it blistered and cracked, I have made a few more today and am leaving them overnight to dry before firing.

You can find lots more information about copper clay here
It's very cheap in comparison to silver and you don't need too many tools to get started,  A fire brick and a creme brulee torch is all I have used!

The box is just an old plain cufflink box I had lying around which I altered and finished of with a copper patina.
copper steampunk cufflink box


  1. Oh Yes they are fabulous, I didn't know you could get copper clay, love the box too, Gay xxx

  2. Love the techniques, gotta have the silicone mould and have a play with textures

    so when's the 1st copper clay workshop!!

  3. Andy, that's just so cooool!!! Love the cufflinks and the box! That's a great texture you've got there. I'm about to start working with the 2-part silicone moulding putty, and from what I've seen, it's amazing the detail it picks up. Sorry you had a mishap with your second cufflink but it's great that you posted about it, to show people what happens when you make a mistake - everyone can learn and hopefully avoid making the same mistake!

  4. Great stuff, didn't know they did a copper clay until now ! Pity about the split one though !

  5. quick question andy- what temp does copper clay get fired at if using a jewellery/ enamelling kiln?
    if it takes 30mins in a pottery kiln how long does it take in a small kiln- is it similar timing? is it the bronze that takes 8 hrs in a tub?
    thank you

    I will be getting a small kiln soon, will also order copper clay

  6. Very nice indeed. but alas yes. the number of items ive ruined because i cant wait the correct amount of time... so hard lol. I have what I call Magnus Magnuson syndrome. Ive started so I'll finish.

  7. Fabulous cuff link and box! Your art is so amazing! :)


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