Tuesday 13 September 2011


Hi all,
Hello to everyone attending the Country Love Crafts Sale & Unveil day yesterday, I hope your journey home was less stressful than your journey in the morning!
Here are some of the impressionistic pears painted on 6" x 6" earthenware tiles, they were completed in the morning workshop using Duncan Concepts under-glazes and now ready for firing.

I was going to be demonstrating at Paperarts in Gloucester this coming Saturday but just to let you know the date has changed and has now been moved forwards to November 12th.
I can also announce that myself and Lindsay Mason will both be at The Papeterie in Aberdeen during the weekend of November 26th and 27th, we will be demonstrating and also running workshops. I cant wait to meet up and work with Lindsay again, she looks after me and keeps me out of trouble!
Ermmm I have just spent the day filming videos for the ermmm online workshop, I'm so desperately trying to stop myself from saying ermmm while giving instructions! It's so much  easier having a ermmm soundtrack with text instructions but unfortunately ermmm that will not suffice for this!

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