Wednesday 7 September 2011

Materials List

Hi everyone,
I have been asked by a few people if I can provide the materials list for the Elixir Mixer online course so that they can assess the cost and availability before committing so below is the list minus two ingredients which I want kept secret until people have registered, I am sure you can understand my reason for this, but I can give you the price of them.
The price of the first ingredient.. the rare one is £9.95 and enough to complete approx 8 bottles and the second ingredient I have just found on Amazon at £2.60

Bottle. (your Choice)
Acrylic paints. I use Americana but most good quality Acrylic paint will work. Please avoid any chalk acrylic such as PaperArtsy Fresco as it does not work with one of the techniques. The colours I have used on my bottle are Sour Apple, Indian Turquoise  Burnt Siena, Burnt Umber, True Red, Black and White. These can be purchased  from the Craftbarn but you can use colours of your own choice for this project.

P80 grade Sandpaper. One that can be used wet or dry
Isopropanol or Adirondack blending solution.  MAPLINS OR MOST GOOD STAMPING/ CARDMAKING SHOPS

Araldite epoxy glue or any fast setting epoxy glue  DIY STORE
Bitumen Paint. (smallest tin you can find)   DIY STORE

White spirit or Mineral spirits in the US.   DIY STORE

String or Twine.
Elastic Bands.
Artists Paint Brushes square and round.
Paper towel.
Baby Wipes.
Latex gloves.
Embellishments. (whatever you have in your stash that you would like to add)


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  3. The material list includes the items needed to create the project. The list includes: wood, screws, nails, fabric, and paint.

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