Sunday 30 October 2011

Warning…. I have Big Shot & know how to use it!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would share yesterdays workshop at the Craft Barn with you.
The theme was steampunk fusion and the item to be altered was one of the wooden mirrors.

I have been experimenting with this technique recently by incorporating embossed card using my Sizzix Big Shot so I took it along with me.
Here is a quick box frame I made to take along as a sample using this method.

Here are some images of the finished mirrors from the workshop, thanks Sam.
Apologies for the image quality, it's all my fault and they do not do the pieces full justice.
White card was placed in the mirror section to stop the glare when taking the photo's but I'm sure you will get the idea..

Who's that strange person with their tongue sticking out?!… It's a good job I'm not vein isn't it…..Hold on is that a hair out of place??…Damn!



  1. I will make sure to take before, during and after photos next time! Thanks for an amazing day. You were the perfect related tutor. Learnt a lot.

  2. these look fab. I so wish i could get to the craft barn easier... they need to open one a bit further north. (Edinburgh LOL )

  3. Thanks for a fantastic class, I had a great day.

  4. Amazing samples of your work! I have been waiting for you to do something that even I might be able to achieve - thanks Andy! Regards, Anne Redfern

  5. Thanks for a wonderful day, I really enjoyed myself and can see me making more of these and using the techniques you showed us in other projects, you are an inspiration.....


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