Wednesday 30 November 2011

Complete Disaster!

Am I the only person this happens to??
I have just spent all morning working on a steampunk project for a magazine article, I am very self critical but every now and then you do something that you love and this was one of those  projects… I decided to finish it off with a coat of Americana Matte sealer for added protection but as I was spraying the piece it came to my attention that the fumes did not smell quite right somehow and the finish had no sheen, when I looked at the label on the can it read 3M Scotch Spray Mount…. Argghhhh the whole thing completely ruined in a few seconds!!
After 30 minutes sulking I have to admit that I am finding it quite funny now….Oh well....back to the drawing board!

While browsing tinternet I came across a site called Dark roasted blend check out these alcoholic spirits!… I think I will pass on all of those!

Snake liquors from South East Asia are also considered cures for a variety of ailments, including impotence, back and muscle pain and hair loss (below left). These drinks usually contain highly poisonous snakes, such as cobras (below right):


If snakes aren’t really for you, how about scorpions and spiders? This distilled rice grain vodka from Thailand, complete with a farm raised scorpion, is banana flavoured and sweetened with sugar cane (below left).
This Thai rice whiskey contains a large non-venomous spider (below right) and is apparently an acquired taste.



  1. Oh NO!!!!!!
    Thats so unfair.. after all the work (no its not just you. it happens to.) So sorry its ruined.. can it not be salvaged in any way? :(

    I bet it was great too. i know the feeling of making something and once in a blue moon you think "oo you know what, I LIKE that".... but to have that, then have it ruined and also when it was for a deadline.. and you have to start over. hope you are as happy with the remake. x

  2. Hello Louise,
    I tried to salvage it by putting a wash of acrylic paint over the top but it all turned milky... I think its time for a glass of wine :)

  3. what a shame about your "have to start all over again" project but hey "excuse the pun" no point in crying over spilt milk. I think I will pass on the reptile and insect drinks and join you in a glass of wine...hugs kath xxx

  4. No, you're not alone ! I already made a similar mistake :-)

  5. Don't you just hate it when that Happens Andy.Don't be too hard on yourself as I think we have all been there. A glass of thinks a bottle more like LOL. Hugs Fiona.oxoxoxo

  6. On No Andy! Can you still spray it with the Matt Varnish and maybe that will seal the spray mount. I think stuff like that happens to all of us. I'll pass on those liquors though eek.
    Lucia xx

  7. I have decided to start from scratch on a new day as I still have 20 days left until the deadline date.. I have also painted the top of the Spray Mount tin in bright red acrylic to hopefully stop me making the same mistake again! Hmmmmm

  8. These things come to try us Andy, easily done with all our different sprays these days. All that alcohol has made me feel a bit tipsy !!

  9. You can keep the Scorpions and spiders thank you very much !
    and no its not just you I had put gold leaf on a project and accidentally sprayed glue instead of varnish and it went green Grrrr so had to apply some inka gold to cover quickly !:0)

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one! lol

  11. Why...why did it have to be the project that you glad that after some time you found the humorous side of this. Speaks well of your character.
    After all that I might have to go for a nip of that banana flavored liquor...just to take the "sting" off. (wink)

  12. Oh Andy, I'm sorry to hear that, at least you could see the funnier side after, I'd be in a sulk and major strop for weeks..... I'll pass on the alcoholic spirits though they dont appeal one bit...


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