Thursday 8 December 2011

Are You Ready?… New Online Workshop Announcement

Hi everyone,

You can tell 12 tags is on as the internet goes very quite!

Some of you already know that I have been working on a new online workshop, this workshop will show you how I create many of my faux techniques.
The problem is I keep discovering new ones which is making the task longer in putting it all together!
Originally the workshop was going to start in January 2012 and was going to involve a series of faux and texture techniques using Decoart acrylic paints along with a little ink and mediums and would run a total of four weeks. 
I then started thinking…..always dangerous I know…….things have now changed.
It will now start on February 24th as I have Stitches and Bahrain beforehand, these commitments would make it very hard for me to maintain support in the forum.
The workshop will now run for a total of six weeks allowing you to practice the techniques, 15 in total, and then come up with a piece of altered art combining some or all of the techniques learned!
All Altered pieces finished and entered by photograph will be judged by two top altered artists along with a sponsor from Decoart. The winner will receive a £50 voucher to spend on Decoart products!

A product list will be given to you 4 weeks before the workshop commences and access to the workshop website, including video and Pdf downloads along with a workshop forum.

Here are a few of the techniques demonstrated on the workshop, I have painted most of them on cardstock, but as its acrylic paint it will adhere to most surfaces.

Click On Pictures For A Larger View

Copper Patina on embossed card stock

Burnt Copper on embossed Cardstock

Leather on embossed Card Stock

Rusted painted Metal on embossed card stock


Weathered peeled paint on wood

Chipped Paint on Die Cut Cardstock

Deep Chipped Paint on card stock

Aged Ivory on Plastic

Painted Tin on embossed card stock

Decayed Rust on embossed cardstock

Ok that's enough for now but hopefully you get the idea.

The cost of this workshop will be £28.00 for the six week period. 
The booking process will go live tomorrow and places will be limited, I will give booking details in a blog post tomorrow.
Materials wise, well it is mainly acrylic paint with a few household items, although an embossing machine would be very useful for practise.

Bye for now,



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