Wednesday 15 February 2012

What a week, but I just had to share this…

It's not been a great start to 2012 so far,  I'm holding in there though,  experience has taught me that things always seem to work out ok in the long run.
My latest dilemma is trying to find a new place to live,  very quickly!!! anyone got a room??? lol

Right no more self pity and I will get to the point,  I ran a couple of workshops last year at the Paperteri in Aberdeen, one of which was a tag using texture pastes and rivets very similar to the one pictured below.

tag8 (Medium)

I received an email early this week from a lady called Linda Turner who attended the workshop, she decided to apply these techniques to the wooden box pictured below, I absolutely love it and it really made my day receiving these pictures!
Thank you Linda.

Lid - Altered Box - Feb 2012




  1. What an together under the same roof and creating together....locking the door and throwing the key away...(:o)
    Ok, honest...Lordy, what a dilemma, but maybe you get some interesting offers after this post because teaching by you set brains working. That's why Linda could create this stunning box and someone else would offer you a home to live.
    I hope... far away (:o)

  2. You didn't set light to your last flat with your blow torch did you? I have room in my duck house Andy and you could keep your craft stash indoors with me! Great tags and the box was great too. Happy flat hunting, I hope you find just the right place to settle in that makes you happy.

  3. You can come live with me Andy. Of course, you'll have to bring all your stash with you!!! I hope you find somewhere soon hun.
    Linda's box is fabulous and I love your tags. Where did you get that scrummy thing you've got your twine through on the yellow one?

  4. Andy, Beth and I have a mutual friend with space to rent in Didcot (he has a house which he's not using at present) might suit you ... He would need to know how soon and for how long (approx) email me on or call Beth and we'll put you in touch x

  5. It's a T Holtz adornment Lorraine.
    Thanks everyone, the search continues today!

  6. That's a fab box and hope you get things sorted out soon !

  7. Very neat box! Hadn't seen the tags, very neat. Hope you soon find a place to live that you will like. :)

  8. awesome tag and a stunning box from linda!!! WOW!!! =)

  9. Hope you find a place soon! The box is stunning!


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