Friday 30 March 2012

Given in to temptation

Hi all,
I was up at stupid o'clock this morning to catch a flight to Aberdeen where I will demoing tomorrow and also holding a workshop on Sunday at the Papeteri.

I arrived early because the next flight would have got me here at 10pm, so I dropped my bags of at the hotel and caught a bus into Aberdeen to have a look around and do a little shopping.... Guess what tempted me??

I have been considering it since my visit to Bahrain, I have to admit so far I am loving it, but we will see how this post works out first before I pass judgement!

I also visited the Aberdeen Art Gallery, it's not massive but fascinating, here are a few pieces that caught my eye.

After leaving the gallery I came across this market stall selling Indian wood carved stamps so had to buy a few!

Now back at the hotel and playing with my new toys before going down for dinner...hope this works from the iPad.... Here goes pressing publish!!!!!


  1. Oh my god..... it worked! I am converted to Apple!

  2. Congrats....and please take care about the morning coffee (:o) Nice picures....

  3. Those stamps are fab! Have fun with the iPad :)

  4. You techy you. Love the helmet and stamps!

  5. Have fun with your new toys!

  6. oh get you joining the techy club...wish I'd known you were home alone in Aberdeen...could have whisked you off for a tour of the city and suburbs...will be popping by today for some fab demos...hugs kath xxx

  7. Looks like it worked to me :) most impressed, it would take me a week just to get it out the box and work out what was what LOL Have fun in Aberdeen.

  8. Ooo Andy love those stamps, thanks for a great class and safe journey home at silly o'clock this morning.


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