Sunday 8 April 2012

Your Easter Sunday Resist Tutorials

Happy Easter everyone!
In case you didn't already know, there is candy on offer!
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Here are todays tutorials, you may notice that I am not sticking embellishment's or fancy ribbon on because the purpose is to show you the technique. You guys can do with the techniques as you wish.
The first is my worn floorboard technique on card, although this can be used on just about anything that excepts acrylic paint!


sideshow (Small)Tempting Textures (Small)

Here are some past versions of the technique, the final one is on wood.


1. Cut an arch shaped tag from 300 gsm card and score both horizontal and vertical lines in it with a pair of scissors, this will represent floor boards, use a ruler as a guide.
Do not use a craft knife for this as the lines will be to thin, and to deep.


2. Use a small hand held drill or anything you have to hand to make small round indentations to represent the nails at the end of each board.

3. Apply Three coats of a medium brown, I am using Americana Raw sienna.
Allow paint to dry between each layer.

Note: I am only applying one coat for speed as I have done this technique many times, when 3 coats of Americana acrylic paint are applied the surface becomes waterproof, you will see later in the tutorial why this is important.

4. Apply a resist to areas you wish the paint to peel, I am using Badger balm but you can use petroleum jelly or clear furniture wax etc.

5. Apply one coat of Americana Titanium White over the surface with nice light brush strokes to avoid disturbing the resist below.
Allow paint to dry thoroughly.

6. Wipe over the surface with a baby wipe, the white paint should start to peel back where the resist was applied.

You should end up with something looking like this.

7. Apply more balm, covering some of the brown and white, especially the white around the edges of the brown paint.

8. Phew.... still with me?
Apply a top coat, I like to use shabby colours for this technique, here I have used Americana Sea Glass.


9.  Now repeat step 6
It should now look a little like this and now needs antiquing.

10. Dab you finger into some Burnt or Raw umber depending how dark you wish the antiquing to be.
Start working the paint into the score lines and over the entire tag.


11. Now, this is the tricky bit… Allow the paint to settle until it is nearly touch dry, then use a baby wipe to wipe back the paint, leaving it in all the nooks and crannies.
Note: Make sure the baby wipe is not to moist as it will remove too much paint.


12. Finish of with a dry paper towel.

13. Its now ready for stamping with Archival ink, do not use distress ink as this will not adhere to the acrylic surface.
I have stamped the All Seeing Eye from the Sideshow set by first applying sepia to the stamp, I then patted the stamp lightly with black to give a variance in the colour.
I have also stamped with the weathered wood stamp from the Tempting Textures set with Sepia.


14. Finally, the word Carnival was stamped with Archival Black.
The End!

Tin Can Ally

retroset (Small)Tempting Textures (Small)

1. apply a thin layer of Silver acrylic paint to a non stick craft sheet.

2. Pat the Grunge stamp from the Tempting Textures set into the paint and stamp randomly onto the card.
Textures (Small)

3. With a small paint brush, apply some silver randomly around the edges to represent chipping.

4. Blend firstly with Wild Honey distress ink, followed by fired brick allowing some of the wild honey to show through.
You will notice the acrylic paint resisting the ink.


5. you may find a little ink remaining on the acrylic paint, to clean this I use either a clean piece of cut and dry and blend this over the acrylic to lift the distress from the paint,  or dry the ink with a heat tool, dampen the cut and dry slightly and wipe over the surface.

6. Blend Vintage photo around the edge.

7. Start stamping!

8. I have used stamps from my Retro set with Archival.


Variant's, white acrylic with fired brick and the weathered wood stamp on top of distress.



  1. Fabulous textures Andy and great for backgrounds.
    I hope you have a lovely chocolatey Easter Sunday.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  2. More great ideas....thanks!

  3. Great techniques, the finished projects look wonderful.

  4. Two really brilliant effects !!

  5. Great techniques Andy and a wonderful way of using them.

  6. Great techniques Andy thanks for sharing, can't wait to play with those new stamps!

  7. 2 FANTASTIC techniques that I'm gonna have to have a go at. On the worn floorboard technique I like the way you've used the resist twice. It gives a great effect. Thank you, this post is gonna be bookmarked so I can come back again and again :o)

  8. These are great techniques Andy. Lovin the faux floorboards. Will have to have a go with this one.

  9. THANK YOU so much for sharing these fantastic tutorials, Andy! I have tried to achieve both looks before but I they have not ended up looking as I hoped they would. Surely, using t hese techniques, they will! Looking forward to giving it a go. :)


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