Thursday 3 May 2012

Chest of Secrets!

I have had few emails from people in the US who are registered on the upcoming Book of Secrets workshop asking if the workshop can only be completed using the wooden book with secret drawer as they can not acquire it… The answer is no, this technique can be applied to all manner of boxes so today, I decided to make a wooden chest just to prove the point.
It's not quite finished and I have used different colours but it's the exact same technique.

It's been a busy few days and have not been active on Blogger or Facebook, hopefully next week things will settle down a little.
I travel up to Preston Tomorrow and will be demonstrating on Saturday at Inspirations at Card craft Plus in The Capitol Centre, Preston, Lancs, PR5 4AW.

Hopefully I will get a better hotel than last week as when I walked into the room, the last guests dirty socks were still layed there in the middle of the floor, no hot water and a 1hr wait for breakfast!!
Ok, got to go as there's so much to do :(…  I will leave you with a little Steampunk Tag… again not finished!… but nearly!!



  1. Love Love the chest Andy and great Tag too. Very Steampunkery. Have a good Trip...........

  2. This looks awesome! After having been lucky enough to attend the Book of Secrets class I can vouch for being able to transfer it to anything, I made a Matchbox of Secrets this week :)
    Gayle x

  3. The chest is wonderful... The tag !!! wow !!! Love the colours

  4. Loving the chest! Can't wait to have a go at the techniques on the online workshop - I've not got hold of a book yet but I've got a chest like this in my stash so I'm nearly ready to go! JulieD

  5. Wow the chest and the tag are amazing... Now you have created a need.... I really want to do the class.....but $$$$$$ is low...... hope I can take in june....


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