Tuesday 15 May 2012

Lots to share!

Hi all, what a horrid day here in the UK.
I have few things to share today, first of all a big hello to everyone attending the Rock Book class at Paper Arts in Stroud on Sunday, hope everything has now dried!

Apologies for cutting a couple of you off in the photo, not used to this ipad yet…





Whilst in a hotel a few weeks back, I found a leaflet for a new museum in Stratford Upon Avon, Not had chance to visit yet but am going to soon.

The MAD museum is a wonderful and exciting collection of machines incorporating gears, chains, pulleys and whirligig paraphernalia. The exhibits fall into three areas:

  • Kinetic Art = art in motion
  • Automata = interesting mechanical contraptions
  • Steampunk = modern gizmos with a Victorian twist

    Superbly engaging for all ages, the museum offers an extravaganza of visual entertainment with lots of rolling balls and plenty of clanking and rattling thrown in for good measure! There are both large and small exhibits inside and outside, the MAD garden offers wind and water powered features and sculptures to really blow you away!


    And finally a new mixed media canvas, this one is 12 x 16"

    Click on Images for a Larger View



    Anyone fancy this type of thing as an online workshop??

    Enjoy your day,



    1. Do we want a canvas as an online workshop? Hmmmmm....let me think! C'mon Andy, do you really need to ask? pmsl. It's fantastic. Your colour sense is exceptional and I want to know how you got that lady's face in there. A workshop would be fabulous.

      I've got all my stuff ready for Friday, and yesterday I finally managed to get a couple of your stamp sets. :o) Everybody's always out of stock, lol.

    2. absolutely gorgeous piece!! love the colors!! =)
      hugs, SannaS

    3. Yay to the online course and thanks so much for the heads up on the new museum. I live really close to Stratford so this will be perfect to take my family too.

    4. What a question......yes, of course!! (:o)

    5. I do - it will be great!

    6. Beautiful piece Andy.........An online workshop......Yes Please!!!!!!

    7. Andy. Build it and they will come.

      As for the museum. Sounds very cool. I would also recommend the harry potter world studio tour in Watford. Lots of stuff steam punk. A great 3+ hours.

    8. you do ask some silly questions

    9. Uh... looks like the same technique as the journal you did. I really like the colours and the funky shapes and texture.
      Yes I would do an online workshop if beginners (in painting) can follow it...
      I would love to be able to do this kind of thing in a journal... not so much on canvas.
      Best wishes from Boedker

    10. Hi Andy your canvas is amazing......loving all the colours and texture......very inspiring. TFS....Annie :)

    11. well really, do you need to ask, but of course we want an online workshop for the canvas..... am looking fwd to friday but couldnt get the compass shapes, hope that I can get them in time from someone else....

      I want to go to the Harry Potter exhibition Mark, thats on my list to do soon, good to hear its great.....

      Cant wait for Friday x

    12. Gorgeous canvas and of course it would be a great online class! The museum sounds interesting too. Looking forward to Friday :)

    13. The Mad Museum looks brilliant! Your canvasses are wonderful, loving the colour and texture!

    14. ooh yes i would do a workshop using the canvas xx jo xx

    15. Need you ask?!! WHEN?!
      Of course we want this as an online workshop! lol

    16. This would be amazing as an online workshop so my answer is YES!!!!


    Your comments are always read and very much appreciated.