Monday 7 May 2012

Sometimes I get Bored...Mixed Media Tag

Appologies for the speed, I clicked on x16 instead of x8 and did not notice until the whole video had rendered! :(
Here are the materials used, Decoart Traditions in Quinacridone Violet, Aquamarine and Indian Yellow.
Americana in Titanium White and Lamp black. Derwent Inktense pencils in Fuchsia, Mustard and Charcoal. Decoart 2 part Perfect Crackle, salt and lots of water!



  1. You should get bored more often.....this is lovely:)

  2. Amazing how many steps and how much work it is to create such a lovely tag! Glad you took the time to show it. :)

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  4. love it andy, you make everything look so easy.

  5. Thanks for sharing that, it's fascinating to see it coming together and I love the colours you've used. I wonder if maybe you could keep the products you're showing us in the frame for a bit longer, as when it's speeded up there's no time to see what they are, lol!

  6. Really cool your tag as always.... Amazing....Congrat.....

  7. Thanks all,
    Yeah, apologies for the speed, I clicked x16 instead of x8 by mistake and only noticed after the whole thing had rendered :(

  8. es asombroso con la facilidad que elabora las etiquetas, felicidades por su gran talento!

  9. Well, hooray for boredom!!! Love watching you create something....a beautiful thing. Tfs!

  10. How cool and i can't get bored while watching with that speed.(:o)...and yes!! i like it to see you playing with bright colours.

  11. A fabulous tag - loved watching you create it.
    xxx Hazel.


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