Thursday 16 August 2012

Books Glorious Books!

Why are books such good fun to alter?… or is it just me?  Maybe it's because they serve a purpose.

Here are a few I have been playing around with.

This one contains techniques from the Outcasts workshop, the cover has been textured with plaster and the paint technique shows you how to get that magical inner glow!


Next up are three books, far right has paint washes and image transfer using matte medium, the book on the left with the mechanical bird has techniques from The Book of Secrets with a new paint technique featured on The Outcasts.

books (Small)

This one behind is another plaster textured book with image transfer pictured below.

plaster jounal

Right back to casting!!

Bye z bye!



  1. Ooohhhh...anticipation (:o)

  2. ...gosh Andy amazing textures & colours that stir thee imagination...awesome...Mel :)

  3. These look just amazing Andy.
    Hugs Brenda xox

  4. Looks wonderful, clever Andy.

  5. All of these altered books are so cool! The blue woodgrain is fab, the skull called my name, the Phoenix/bird is fantastic and reminded me of a guy I dated a loooong time ago who had a painting of the Phoenix commissioned, and the texture on red/orange w/the transfer image is so cool. I'm gonna enlarge that and study it later. :)


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