Sunday 19 August 2012

Memories of London 2012

Those of you who have taken part in Timeworn will know all about colour washes. I have used a vey similar effect in the painting below called glazing used by the Renaissance painters.
A glaze is a thin transparent colour painted on top of another transparent layer. Using this method allows light to pass through and be reflected back from the underlying layers which gives the paint a more luminous quality.
Glazed colours transmit light from within whereas opaque colours transmit light from the surface only.
I have mixed Traditions glazing medium with my Traditions colours, you could just use water but I find the glazing medium gives better translucency.

andy skinner canvas art
When using this method, start with the lighter colours, I first added a glaze of Transparent yellow iron oxide for the warm areas and a mix of cobalt blue and quin violet for the cool areas.
The red t-shirt had  glaze layers of napthol Red Light applied, highlights where then added to the creases and a final glaze layer of quin burnt orange was added. The final red colour radiates light.
andy skinner canvas art altered
This is however a very slow way of painting, far quicker with acrylic rather than oil but still slow but if you are after that luminosity it has to be done.
These techniques can be used in your altered art also, the book below uses a similar technique.
andy skinner altered journal book

Before I go a quick note to those on the last Timeworn, you're final piece pics have gone away for judging, I will email the winner when results are back and announce it on here.



  1. Nice painting that for certain captures a memory for someone. TFS the info on glazing, as well as, sharing a few pics showing how you build the layers. :)

  2. Fantastic. I had to look twice. The first view seemed like a picture...

  3. eeeeeee so excited to see who will win timeworn this time!

    Fabulous painting, I love it too! Cant wait for outcasts!

  4. It is an impressive piece of art Andy


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