Monday 11 February 2013

Brayer Backgrounds and Voodoo

When Gelli printing I clean the acrylic paint from my brayer onto a sheet of paper as I think most do, these can make great backgrounds, the one below I glued to a book box.
I then started to decorate with my Skulduggery and Voodoo Stencils using Decoart Modelling Paste scraped through the Voodoo Stencil for dimension.

Andy Skinner Gelli Brayer Voodoo Box

Here is the nearly finished Book Box.

It was aged afterwards with Decoart Traditions Transparent Red Iron Oxide

Thanks for reading,

Andy..... Oh P.S

Those on my workshop yesterday will recall that I painted my nails on one hand with Iridescent Pink paint??  Well I stopped at the Motorway services on the way home and was happily eating my burger when I noticed people staring, then giving me strange looks and muttering to one another.... Yep you guessed it... I forgot to scrub it off!!.... Hey just call me Twinkle in future..... actually don't!  lol!!


  1. Great effect Andy! I'm looking forward to being able to get hold of your new stencils.
    lol I nearly called you twinkle then thought better of it ;-)

  2. lol,, all right Twinkle? ;) book box looks great, nice way to use up scraps.

  3. They probably envied your nail colour Andy and were wondering what make it was! Even though sculls don't do a lot for me(I am too near death maybe to want to see them)I have to admit, your book looks very cool! Get trying out your stencils yesterday, sadly non slipped into my bag! Sorry I was extra dense yesterday, I was very tired. Hope you didn't have a bad journey home, very snowy here today.

  4. love the stencils and great effect.
    susan s.

  5. Aaaaw, Andy, you are too kind! A book for me? Thank You!! ;) OK... so now I need a gelli bloomin' plate, some skulls...

    Love that you are a modern man who can sit and eat burgers with painted nails... ;)

  6. Oops! Well Twinkle...your work is yet again fab !! Trace x

  7. Cool box. I expect some voodoo stuff inside even more with twinkling nails(:o)

  8. Great idea and amazing creation! I only wish to participate in your class one day!
    Hugs from Slovenia

  9. Another great book cover gorgeous,who care what you have on your nails, thanks for sharing..I watch your video on gelli it was fantastic, I used to do this on a pane of glass same thing I think..

  10. A new wonderful art of work Andy just marvelous! And I can´t wait till I can order your new stencil.
    XOXO SanDee1899

  11. You have finally admitted to liking pink then Twinkle. ;-) Knew you were just pretending!
    Still not played with my gelli plate yet but really hoping to get there soon. Loving the book, how come you can make even your cleanup art look fantastic?

  12. Thanks for the little giggle I just had, such fabulous pictures of your nails in my head LOL,
    Love the book cover and the stencil;ling.
    I might see you Sunday or Monday at Stitches, I hope to be going.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  13. Great workshop on Sunday Twinkle - the book box looks fab.
    xxx Hazel.

  14. Hi there my little Twinkle! I thought the colour suited you. . . . . Love how your book is looking and you already know how much I NEED those stencils! Really enjoyed Sunday with all the banter. Oh. . . and learning techniques of course!

  15. Actually, I think Sugar Plum suits you better Andy! Thanks for giving me a good laugh!
    Alison x
    P.S. Your book looks fab!

  16. This is fantastic!!! I'm a brand new follower and I love your art. I just got a Gelli Plate so I'm looking for some inspiration.
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn


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