Friday, 29 March 2013

How to crackle without the waiting!

This is going to be a picture heavy long blog so go and grab a coffee as this may take some time lol.

First thing I need to share is the announcement yesterday that I have joined Decoart Inc, STANFORD, KY as executive creative consultant.
I will be assisting with product development, support of DecoArt’s Helping Artist Program, and technique video production as well as serving as DecoArt brand ambassador at trade shows and conferences.

I will continue my role with Country Love Crafts while serving as DecoArt’s executive creative consultant.

The collaboration is something I am very excited about, my head is absolutely buzzing with ideas at the moment and can't wait to get started, especially with a company who's products I believe in both for quality and their exceptional value for money, this is very important to me.

A link to the Press release showing all the details can be found  HERE  on my Facebook page.

Last Sunday I was at the Stamp Attic holding what was to be the last day of the 5 day techniques workshop, we kind off ran out of time so a new date will be added.

We had end of term cakes pictured below,... they know me to well!! :)

Next to share is a Gelli plate printed tag with dandelions painted on using a Posca white pen and a fine brush with American Titanium white, once dry subtle washes of acrylic colour were painted over the flowers.
I even had a go at making my own rub-ons for the words to some success, it was allot of faffing about though I have to admit.

Andy skinner gelli print decoart traditions

Right, on to experiments with crackle paint, I have been wanting a reliable crackle paint where I can control the intensity of the cracks and to be able to dry it immediately.

The great Michael de meng blogged recently to say that he found by putting a layer of glue beneath Kroma crackle allowed him to dry it instantly, this gave a different type of crackle but one that was instant allowing it to be used in a one day workshop.

I had a go with painting a base-coat of Americana Cadmium orange and a little gold, once dry I added a generous coat of Americana Decoupage gloss glue and dried being careful not to blister it.

Finally Distress Crackle paint was applied and dried with a heat gun, within seconds the cracks started to appear as you can see below.

I was very happy with the result and will use this technique but I was still in search of larger cracks and yesterday I managed it with a concoction of different products, I was able to vary the effect from small to very large!! Going to keep this one to myself just for the time being until it's perfected but as you can see below, the cracks are very much chunkier and larger.

Andy Skinner Crackle paint

Have a great Easter weekend,



  1. Once more, congratulations Andy, you deserve this so much. If you want someone to carry your bags when you trip around the world, I'm available and won't charge LOL
    Going to have a go with the crackle now. Watch out for the mess!!!!

    1. I have only just discovered you through Neil Walker and I'm looking forward to sharing your creative journey!! Your work is fabulous.
      Lee Ann Doherty

  2. The cakes were gorgeous a lovely treat; the workshops have been great fun and I have learnt alot, thanks Andy. Your gelli plate tag is amazing, such depth of colour and vibrancy and the dandelion is divine, I want to know more lol. Your appointment to Decoart is fantastic news and just what we need here, to have someone with the knowledge and talent you have so near at hand and developing more products that you know we will be able to use. Have fun in your new role.
    hugs {brenda} x0x

  3. Congratulations Andy! You really deserve all your success. Your work is wonderful!

  4. That cake was truly awesome, I found a bone in mine LOL
    Looking forward to seeing you for two weekends running now, Gelli Plates at the ready lol
    Huge congrats on your appointment, so very well deserved.

  5. Congrats on new role, you are such an artistic hero of mine, that pic with the 2 children in the light was really stunning - awesome, truly.
    thank you for the crackle technique, def going to try this, as have not loved using decopage for decoupage?? Happy Easter to all.

  6. Huge congrats Andy:-) How cool are those cupcakes? The orange and blue crackle looks pretty good, be interested to see the improved the metallic colours on the final piece.

  7. Huge congratulations Andy....look forward to following you on yet another journey in your new role. Love that crackle .....hopefully we will find out how you achieved it soon!

    Annie :-)

  8. Huge congratulations, Andy - that sounds like the perfect collaboration - you win, they win, and we win... Thanks so much for your continued inspirational work!
    Alison x

  9. Wonderful news Andy, many congratulations. Lina xx

  10. Congrats on your new DecoArt role and the crackle technique I have to try Andy !

  11. Well deserved Congratulations Andy !
    Loving the crackle :0))

  12. congratulations on your new position! you'll be great!

  13. Congratulations Andy, what a great job that will be!

    The crackles look amazing...of course... :-)

    Happy Easter, Alie

  14. Congrats again Andy now you've gone public (you told us at the Barn club in case you're wondering!). I just love it when you start working on new experiments because at some point we get to share it. Happy Easter and not too much choccie!

  15. Thank you Andy! I am going to try that crackle right now!!


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