Wednesday 19 June 2013

A day to remember and the paparazzi

Before I continue I have to share this with you, it's the Tando Creative Limited Octagonal Christmas Advent Calendar transformed into a Dalek by Mark Gould, you can check out his blog post Here

Guess what?? I had a day off yesterday... yes its true! :) I took my eldest daughter Jade and my Grandaughter Faith to the Cotswold Wildlife Park near Burford in Oxfordshire.

On arrival and a whole bottle of juice consumed by Faith it was time for a nappy change before entering!

Shower mac to the ready and Faith was just raring to go!

She absolutely loved seeing all the animals and especially loved the Penguins.... then again who doesn't love Penguins??

After lunch it was off for a train ride around the park with Mummy 

Her favourite part of the day had to be the slide, I was worn out carrying her to the top every time and then having to go down the slide myself after her, to say my legs ache today is an understatement. 
When it was time to leave it has to be said a tantrum was thrown,  however the mention of ice cream soon quashed that very quickly! :)

We then travelled up to the beautiful town of Bourton on the Water to meet up with Faiths godmother Lindsay aka LaLa for the rest of the afternoon.
The town was jam packed with tourists, so busy for a Tuesday.
Our first priority was to buy some bread and feed the ducks, within minutes Faith was surrounded by the Paparazzi!.... well Japanese tourists actually  all snapping away at her from different angles, it was a bit surreal but very funny!

As promised an Ice cream which she shared with LaLa.... well I say share...  think Lyndsay managed at least one lick :)

I think the day was all a bit much for her in the end..... peace at last :)

Ok not too much to share in the way of artwork today except this painting completed on Artist Paper using Decoart Traditions called Propaganda is the Crow.

Andy skinner decoart mixed media painting

Before I go, if you did not see these boots on Facebook here you go, transformed by Kathy Gledsdale using Decoart's new Multi Surface Satin Paints.... Brilliant

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  1. Thanks for the share Andy. Looks like you had a great day out. Live Kathy's kinky boots too

  2. Oh thanks for the mention Andy and what a grand day out, looks like a lot of fun! I see Jade is just as camera shy as her dad! But what you didn't say was, who had the tantrum about leaving the slide, YOU or lovely Faith? What a sweetie she is. Thanks for sharing your day off.

    1. OK.. i had a little tantrum lol, Jade is certainly not camera shy.... you would be surprised ;)

  3. Nice share Andy...the best way to spend a day off is with looks great on the pictures!

    groetjes, Alie :-)

  4. Wonderful story and pictures, Andy. Aren't grandchildren the greatest?? As tired as you were, when your day was done, you could go home and your job was done. That's the part of grandparenting that helps me hang on through the "tireds." The image of you on the slide is super - and seeing Faith's expression of joy on her ride was a picture "suitable for framing." And just think, Faith is now a British child icon for the Japanese memory books.
    This pictorial was a great idea!!
    Sally Downes

  5. Looks like you had a wonderful day. The crow is cool and the boots amazing.

  6. Loved seeing Mark's creation at the Craft Barn - clever thing! Looks like you had a great day with the gorgeous little Jade. Brings back memories of when my 21 year old 'baby' was that age. . . . . strangely, she still likes the zoo and a trip to London Zoo was requested for her 21st! :)

  7. My goodness I am exhausted just reading the post, I think I would have had a nap too on the way home. Thanks for sharing.


  8. wow what a great day, I share faiths probs with the paps, they never leave me alone either ... LOL

  9. Wonderful day...wonderful memories!!! I enjoyed it too!

  10. ...what a great day had by all, your GrandDaughter is beautiful i'm not surprised she was being Pap'd :) love your crow, how cool is he! fabulous piece by Mark and those boots, wow...Mel:)x

  11. Fabulous photos of Faith, she looks a real sweetie. Lovely to see your family day out and the artwork you have shared.
    hugs Brenda xxx

  12. A good journey and nice photos!
    Love your towel!

  13. So glad you actually got a day off.........x


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