Thursday 6 June 2013

Make it and Bake it

Thought I would shock you with two posts in one week and the subject today is oven baked paints!
I have been playing with Americana multi-surface satin paints, these are a new indoor/outdoor line of paint that has superior adhesion on all surfaces, a hard finish, moisture resistant, rust resistant and need no primer/sealer. if you wish to make them dishwasher safe you can bake them on in the oven also!

I decided to test them on the most slippery of slippery surfaces..... Glass, now dont expect works of art in this post, I have simply been painting the inside and outside of glass containers but it's really effective and everything came from a charity shop.

As we have had the sun here for a few days I decided to go for bright summery colours, the two pictured below were painted on the inside with Coastal waters and Flamingo.

It looks very cool on bubble glass, this one painted with Lemon Zest.

I also had the chance to try Americana Frost Gloss Enamels which again can be oven baked.

I painted Frost enamel to the outside in Turquoise, applying it with cut and dry foam with a light dabbing motion gave me the best results, a lovely frosted glass finish.

The effect on the square vase behind was achieved by pouring multiple colours slightly thinned inside, then turning the vase upside down and pouring the paint back out.

I have just discovered that frost enamels work great for a quick patina on metal objects, again applied with cut and dry they give texture and translucency.
I will let these dry and bake them on.




  1. really fab on metal!!! With the amount I have bought for the wedding decorations, I will give that a go!!!

  2. so cool!!! these bright colors are amazing!!! They remind me of the sea, cold water, cold efreshments, etc...

  3. Very cool!!!

    Jennifer K.

  4. This is really helpful thanks!

  5. Andy these look great, superb colour choice and great effect achieved with the cut & dry, it really does look like frosted glass, love the patina too, great discovery, endless possibilities...Mel:)x

  6. very cool, I like the possibilities

  7. What a great results Andy!

    kind regards, Alie

  8. love the bright colours and especially the frosting effect - something else to add to my wish list. tfs (8.45am)


  9. Very cool Andy!


  10. Wow I love that you experimented with these products, I love the results of your glass painting, really cool, I just might have to invest in some of these. Thanks for the inspiration as always.

    Jan x

  11. Really love those Frost Gloss Enamels on the metal Andy. . . . think I 'need' some!! x

  12. Love the look of these Andy, they all look fantastic. :-)

  13. Fabulous results with the baked paint. I'll have to look for these paints and have some fun. I am imagining some fantastic faux stained glass sun catchers.

  14. as per usual, fabulous work........and we have them to order if anyone wants any, just email :))

  15. Wow, so cool! Are you experimenting on this coz’ I’m really interested with what you are doing. I wish could do the same thing. But unfortunately, I don’t have enough time to do it during leisure time. Anyway, keep up the good work and hope to see more of your adventures on colors! Have a good day!

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