Friday 26 July 2013

Sorry Peter Rabbit... but It had to be done!

I went out on the hunt yesterday for alterable items, after the 5th charity shop I was about to give up when I remembered a lady on a recent workshop showed me a children's book that she had altered using various card-stocks and embellishments... Bingo! the charity shop was full of these thick card books so I picked three, two of which were finger puppet books.

First job was the decapitation of Peter.... Sorry Peter.

This picture was taken moments before it all happened,  I will spare you the awful gory details :)

After a little work...

An eye now resides where Peter once did,  surrounded by a housing from a divers watch, rusted up of coarse...

This was great fun to do and the book held up fantastically to all the Decoart mediums and paint washes, there are still 7 more pages to go!
This is definitely going to be my kind of journalling at 50p per book.

Page 1 can be found here Time waits for no one

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  1. Oh no, your granddaughter would of love this book, you big meanie! Having said that, your maker over is brilliant!(the book not you)Although I am sure you look stunning in that little pink tutu you were talking about buying! Running and hiding behind the sofa now!

  2. Fabulous, though the decapitated rabbit head was a bit disconcerting.

  3. Hope it was quick and painless ! and you gave him a decent burial super transformation !
    Von ☺

  4. Kill da Wabbit, Kill da Wabbit. Love the spine of the book. and the eye

  5. Amazing work...Beautiful texture... x x

  6. LOL, mark! :D

    I am sure Peter Rabbit will start his new career as a finger puppet from now on and - WOW, that book looks awesome! A stunning make with brilliant colours and texture!!! LOVE it!

    Claudia x

  7. How interesting Andy that I see your great post first thing this morning as I had a very similar book - though no decapitations or disembowelling will be required in my hot little hands last night. It is currently sitting on my desk waiting for "Whatif" to shake me !

    I totally love what you do! As I am clearing the calendar a wee bit over the next while and I have been threatening myself to do one of your online classes - unless you do flying personal visits to Oz I just might be treating myself!
    Totally love what you do and this is a big shout out as I don't comment often enough - lurcher rather than lurker!

  8. the rabbit got it at last hahahaha!!!! I think I shall be calling you Mr McGregor from now on :D Saying all that I really like what you have done here Andy. Oh and...whats this about a tutu????? ou are not wanting me to paint your nails again are you??? haha xxx

  9. Fantastic, it looks much better! :)

  10. Fab idea. How about doing a comp to see who can come up with the best book??!!

  11. GREAT book cover, Andy! The diver's watch piece looks like a porthole for the red eye. Like what appears to be "stitching" above and below the eye. It's kinda Frankenstein-ish. Hee! :D

  12. Oh No! I hope you will do something cute and fluffy for your GD! Great use of those Art Deco paints etc, look forward to seeing the rest of the book! Chris


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