Wednesday 27 August 2014

It's been a while but I'm back on Blogger!

Hi everyone,

Firstly can I apologize for my absence, things got so busy that I just could not find the proper time to keep up with the blog so over the next few weeks I will attempt to catch up those of you not following my FB Page on what's been happening.

The production of the Media Paint line was severely held up but it's now getting out there into the shops so I will be sharing more techniques now and to start here are a couple of tutorial videos on Image transfer, one of them just uploaded today.... Hope you enjoy :)

Back soon,



  1. well I live in the middle of no where so when I saw this I ordered some Artist transfer Papers I can't wait to try. I think what amazes me is when you rub the paper away the image stays. I know when I get to actually do this I will feel it and understand..if that makes any sense.
    susan s

  2. Hi Andy! I'm SO GLAD you are back on your blog. I don't do Facebook, but I may need to try FB so I can keep up with you. Thanks for the videos.
    ---cmHawkins inTexas,USA

  3. hi
    I am in France and would like to buy somme of your masks. Where? I tried tando creative it doen't work

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  5. Wonderful transfer. I had done this with other products before, results were great sometimes but not every time. I will try deco art medium as I love image transfers on things.

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  7. Looking forward to seeing more of your work and the DecoArt line on here Andy. Love the way you use paint and mediums! Karen x


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