Monday 5 October 2015

Mixed Media Fest

Just got back from a fun weekend teaching alongside Michelle Webb and Kate Crane at Mixed Media Fest, held at It's Crafting Time in Cambridge.

I taught on both days and Kate and Michelle joined us on Sunday to deliver their workshops - a canvas and art journal spread respectively. All the classes were packed with techniques - using DecoArt products, of course!

On Saturday I taught an 8" x 8" MDF board using my new Tando Industrial Elements kit and tons of Media products.
On Sunday we used a similar selection of goodies to make a Secret Book Box.

I met loads of lovely people and it was especially good to meet some of my colleagues on the DecoArt Helping Artist programme. I think everyone had a good weekend - we had some fun giveaways and we certainly had a few laughs (mostly at the expense of my nemesis Tracy Weinzapfel)! I think I converted a few people to DecoArt too!!!

Next stop Coventry for the Ministry of Mixology!



  1. Looks an amazing class Andy, very sad I wasn't there to join in the fun. I hope the Tracy's enjoyed the class and learnt a thing or too.

  2. Looks amazing, great work from everyone.Enjoy Coventry

  3. Looks amazing, great work from everyone.Enjoy Coventry

  4. Looks like a super fun class with some beautifully done finished pieces. No doubt you have some New DecoArt lovers. The products are totally amazing. Love the Tracy fun, too!!


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