Tuesday 17 November 2015

Painting in Poland

If you've missed me over the past week that's because I've been over in Poland sampling the vodka and teaching some workshops. Our distributor over there, Decoratorium, worked with me to organise some training days for retailers to introduce them to the DecoArt Media line.

A lovely group of delegates from across Poland enjoyed two days of tutoring, where we altered some sketchbooks using a variety of Media line products and my Tando Creative industrial kit.

I had a couple of days before my workshops to look around the city of Poznan, where we were based. It's a city with some beautiful sights and I had a fun time exploring and practicing my photography skills.

They even had a micro brewery at the hotel I was staying at - I felt right at home!!!

I've got a couple more European appearances lined up in Germany, Greece and Italy next year which I really looking forward to! 



  1. Love the photography part!! I'd spend hours after classes out taking pictures! The architecture must be amazing.

  2. Fabulous photos both of the class (hope not any language barriers) and the wonderful buildings xx

  3. What a beautiful place to go Andy!!!! Looks nearly as pretty as Prague and probably quieter! Love the micro brewery :-D x

  4. I would never have thought of going to Poland for a visit, but having seen your photo's it seems I should go. x

  5. Hope you have time, after you get home, to work a photo or two into a collage.

  6. oh wow! this is so wonderful. Congrats on this fabulous experience.

  7. I missed this workshop! So pity :(

  8. Oh Andy, do post more photos of your trip! The architecture is absolutely amazing!!
    Do you know if and where your Industrial pieces will be available for sale is the US? I know they will be a hit!
    Jackie ")

    1. Hi Jackie and thanks for your question. The Industrial Elements set isn't currently available in the USA but the manufacturer - Tando Creative - will ship internationally so you can buy direct from them. Here's the website: http://www.tando-creative.co.uk/catalog/

  9. One day I will get to do a workshop with you. Lucky people people in Poland.
    In the meantime have signed up for an online one - just waiting for information from you on how to get started. Got my paints ready and my Industrial Elements set is here, can't wait. How do I get a password or something to get in please.
    Also signed up, via you, for Wanderlust. Exciting times ahead.


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