Friday 22 January 2016

New DecoArt Stencil Release

Created using the Fossil and Distressed Digits stencils

Better a little late than never, here are my brand new stencil designs for DecoArt. The new line was released last week at CHA and I am pleased to say I got a great response.

Three new 12"x 3" stencils - Time Warp, Bubbles and Distressed Digits.

Four new 8"x 8" stencils - Halftone, Creativity, Fossil and Typeface.

If you tuned into the live CHA Blab you'll already have had a sneak peek at these stencils on the canvas that Tracy and I created collaboratively. You can see the Distressed Digits stencil around the edges, the Bubbles stencil subtly in the background using modeling paste, and the Creativity stencil has been used for the title (I really like that shattered text effect).

Hopefully the new releases will hit the UK soon. Let me know which is your favourite.



  1. These look fab Andy...I especially like the distressed digits...onto my wish list it goes ;0)

  2. Hello andy,
    I adore the Fossil one, so beautiful!!!!
    But to tell you the truth, I LOVE all your masks and stencils, they are all totally fab.
    I've tried several times to find and buy your new ones after the period during which I was in Tando Creative team, but unfortunately, there was no way to get them directly in France, and hard to get them from US or even UK at a reasonable price, without too much postage taxes...
    So, I have only ALL your first line of masks, but still loving them! :)
    With all my wishes to you for 2016, with a lot of success!
    Coco x

  3. Time warp really appeals to me, but all arewonderful

  4. Bubbles, bubbles, and more bubbles These are so Cool...

  5. Some really fabulous ones here... more for the wishlist!
    Alison x

  6. Love all of the stencils, Andy. I like the cracked words a lot as well as the fossil and so on. Are they out to the public for sale in the USA?

  7. Has to be the words one for me, but they are ALL on my wishlist xx

  8. That fossil and faded dots stencil are two that I would love to add to my expanding stencilcollection (>400 pieces)!! Great designs again! Hope you have a fun and colourfull week!

  9. Ohhhh yes! So happy to see some new stencils and am still collecting your other ones as well. Fantabulous designs!

  10. Hi Andy! I love your stencils and masks. I have been checking the DecoArt online store here in the USA for the new ones, but they are not there yet. I'll keep checking. Hope to see them soon. They will go great with all the others in your line.


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