Wednesday 23 March 2016

Stampendous ATCs

I've created three ATCs to share with you. The base for each is MDF and it's such a fantastic substrate to work with - it will take all the product you can throw at it and not complain! The ATCs are a new product from Tando Creative and will be available soon.


Step 1: Base coat the MDF ATC with DecoArt Media black gesso. Apply a resist where you want top coat to come away and distress. I use men's hair clay for this as I think it gives the best results but you can alternatively use Vaseline. I concentrated on the edges and added a few additional areas here and there over the surface.

Step 2: Apply one coat of Americana Chalky Finish - the colour I chose is Everlasting but you could choose any of the lighter colours you like.

Step 3: Stamp with 'clouterie' stamp from the Shabby Chic set using black StazOn.

Step 4: Heat set the ink (or leave to dry well) and then gently wipe back the areas of resist with a paper towel. The chalk paint won't have adhered where the hair clay was present so will wipe right off.


Step 1: Base coat the MDF ATC with Media fluid acrylic in Blue Green Light.

Step 2: Brush fluid acrylic onto palette paper. Press the scratch stamp from the Toxic set into the wet paint.

Step 3: Stamp the red paint over the ATC as shown.

Step 4: Use different paint colours with the scratch stamp to continue building the background. Make sure to keep cleaning your stamp so it doesn't get clogged with paint. Clean well when finished (scrub with a damp cloth or wash with warm soapy water).

Step 5: Finish with a collage of stamping in black StazOn.


Step 1: Apply Texture Sand Paste to edges of an MDF ATC and dry.

Step 2:  Base coat with Titanium Buff; just cover the top edges of the Texture Sand.

Step 3: Stamp with the crackle stamp from the Toxic set using black StazOn.

Step 4: Stamp with the all seeing eye from the Curio set using black StazOn.

Step 5: Paint the Texture Sand with Raw Umber fluid acrylic.

Step 6: Once Raw Umber is dry, apply a coat of Quinacridone Gold over the Raw Umber, again just working over the Texture Sand.

Step 7: Mix Quinacridone Gold with approx. 30% Raw Umber. Dilute heavily with water to make a transparent aging wash and apply over the whole surface except the Texture Sand.

Use the edge of a flat brush to apply a little watered down Quinacridone Gold to the top edge of the Texture Sand Paste; this gives it extra definition. Finally, seal with Media Ultra Matte Varnish - this gives the whole piece a matt finish as the Quin Gold has a slightly shiny satin finish.

These are all quite easy techniques so don't be afraid to give them a go. I hope I've inspired you to create today!



  1. They are fabulous, love them all!!! x

  2. Would love to have a go, but still waiting for the new stamps to hit the UK!!!!

  3. Uw lot of inspiration. Thank you so much!


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  5. I follower a workshop yesterday in the Netherlands using your mediums and paints.
    I was happy with the results. Have to buy some. I love what I see on your blog and became a follower.
    Thanks for inspiring me, Anneke


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