Friday 23 February 2018

Something a Bit Different

Hi everyone Dee here with Andy's new stamps they are fabulous I am loving playing with them.
I have done something a bit different with them in that I have most probably taken 
the concept mixed media to a whole new realm. 
I am quite pleased with the results it is a mix of home made tissue paper
embossing enamel, texture sand paste, gauze/modrock and chalk paints
Oil crayons were used as well, all melted together with
hot beeswax.
In these photo's you can see the colours below and if you look carefully 
at the frog skeleton you can just make out the embossing
 below the wax on the bottom right.
The beauty of wax is you can see the layers below which is what I
love about it. 
A close up you can see a hint of the text below against the lovely 
textured sand 
This one is a piece I did for the Stampendous catalog using
 this method for when Andy his Birds and bones set 
was released

That's it for today thank you for taking the time to stop by
Cheers Dee.

  1. Firstly soak mod rock in water till soft squeeze and dry.
  2. Take 3 Tando ATC's and paint with colours of your choice .
  3. Use home made tissue paper that you have stamped with Andy's Stamps and cover half of it with the tissue and the other with the dried gauze glue it all down.
  4. If you want to have embossing on it do it prior to gluing it all down
  5. Heat up ATC before you put your melted wax on to it.
  6. Use your heat gun to control where you want the want it to settle.
  7. place your image where you want it and give it a final coat of wax.
  8. Finally using oil pastels rubb these into the wax and shine up with linseed oil. 

Andy skinner stamp sets from Stampendous Birds and Bones set along with Andy's new release Fossils Stamps These can be purchased here!

Tando creative:- ATC's these are a brilliant base as they hold all the media without buckling.

Deco Art:- Gesso for the base of the tag, Texture sand paste, Chalk finish paint of your choice.


  1. Wow Dee, I am almost stuck for words - your creations are FABULOUS!!

  2. I really like the fossil stamps. Very cool and versatile.

    1. I forgot to say that Stampendous sent me...

  3. These are fantastic! I love the depth of color and texture.

    You've made me want to try to use wax! Oh no!


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