Friday 30 March 2018

Industrial style box by Monika Maksym

Hi !
It's Monika here with my newest project. 
This time I will show you how to create quick and easy industrial box.  For my project I’m using 16x 16 x7cm wooden box.

First step was to apply modeling paste through stencils on the lid and on the front. Then, using strong craft glue I’ve added bolt heads and washer on each corner of the box and small cogs on the front. Make sure the glued elements and modeling paste are fully dry before applying black chalky finish or acrylic paint, then rub on a candle stick over the stencilled areas.

  Before adding  a coat of grey chalky paint I’ve used weathered wood medium in random places on each side of the box.
 Next, using medium grade sanding paper I’ve lightly sanded bolts and stencilled areas revealing black paint underneath.

 Washes of Fluid Acrylics in Paynes Grey ,Quinacridone Gold and Red Oxide helped me achive rusty look around the edges and bolts.

Then I’ve stamped the background using waterproof ink pad and my favourite collection of Tech Trauma and Steampunk stamps.

 As a last step I’ve used matt varnish for ultimate vintage look.

Thank You for stopping by, I hope You like my project.

Monika, x

 Products used:



Decoart Media Fluid Acrylics -  Paynes Grey, English Red Oxide, Quinacridone Gold
Decoart weathered wood medium
Decoart Chalky Finish Paint - Carbon, Revive
Decoart Media Modeling Paste 
Ultra-Matte Varnish

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  1. As usual, a wonderful and inspiring piece. Love it xx

  2. Love it. Great feel, with the hardware setting off the stamped elements.

  3. Pięknie się prezentuje. Jest cudowne 😍

  4. This is INCREDIBLE! Ty for sharing how you achieved the different effects; until recently I couldn't even work out whether but or bolt went first😅
    YOU have achieved an extraordinary work of art & storage as a bonus. Kudos!😶

    1. Obviously meant 'nut' & bolt. Predictive text!


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