Friday 23 March 2018

Stamp files

Hi all well I was on the hunt for a file that I could store my stamps in and couldn't find anything that I liked so has a bit of a brain wave and used 2 canvas boards to create the covers which I combines with 3 large ring binder rings and stamp die holder pages.
Front Cover

So using all the texture, crackle, & sand pastes that I could find along with some of Andy's stencil & stamps I got to work. I wanted something to look like old stone to match the fossils and make them look like they were buried in stone.
Back Cover

I used mini art stones along with sand and a credit card dragged through the wet paste to create lines.
The tissue stamped onto grease proof paper was glued down and the paste was blended to make it look like it has been revealed as the stone has eroded.

Once happy I went in with chalk base paint and painted over the entire canvas until I was happy with the effect.

Next came the fun bit adding the colour lots of water, spritzing, knocking back & starting again.

As the water and paint bleed through the canvas it soaks into the cracks and crevices creating lovely depth to the canvas.

I really took my time applying the colour and I must confess I really do enjoy this stage of any piece 
of art that I am working on.

I applied triple embossed elements see above photo this one is from Andy's Stampendous Fossils stamp set. 

The stamps used for the embossing on this canvas is from Illusionary artists Gothic Grunge and you can see the fossils stamped image peeking out.

A perfect blend with the fossil stencil.

A close up.

I used touches of guilding wax to pull bits forward.
I hope you have all enjoyed my project today Thank you for taking time to stop by.
A list of all products used is below.
Cheers Dee x

FOSSILS rubber stamp set, chunky clear and gold embossing powders.

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  1. Wow, such fabulous texture and detail. Absolutely gorgeous.


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