Thursday 28 February 2019

Andy's Techniques.

Hi everyone Dee here with a couple of tags showing some Andy's techniques. Before I was lucky enough to meet Andy I took one of his online classes called Timeworn I loved this class and it introduced me to some of his amazing techniques. 

In this tag I used some paper that I had printed from a gel plate print you can just see the image to the left hand side of the tag below the rusty tin star. The bingo embossed numbers that look like painted Tin are from Andy's timeworn online class.

This tag was made using embossed card glued to a Tando tag once dry washes of prussian blue hue were used to colour the tag. lots of dry brushing was used to highlight the pattern. The edges were edged with fluid acrylics along with a bit of texture sand paste to give it a grungy feel.

My Tin star was made with Pableo clay and a mould once dry I painted with fluid acrylics and a slight bit of embossing powder. I collect powder rust and i glued this onto the star as well you can just see the patins of the embossing powder and the rust.

The above photo shows the painted tin bingo numbers more closely along with the number plaque at the base of the Tag. This was created with texture sand paste Tando board off cuts and Andy's stencil industrial elements.Fluid acrylics were used to paint and Ferro paste was used around the edges.

The plaque on this tag was created the same was as above again using the industrial elements stencil was used. Hannah Oxbury's rusty wire was used to circle the centre piece.
I hope you enjoyed the tags don't forget to checkout Andy's timeworn online class.
that's it for today folks 
Cheers Dee x


  • Texture Sandpaste
  • Fluid acrylics
  • Crackle paste



  1. These are fantastic! However, l clicked on the link for the class and a children's workshop came up. Is there a website for this class you can provide, other than the one listed Thank you.


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