Friday 28 June 2019

Washed Ashore, by Natassa Blazaki

Hello my dear friends!

Natassa here, this time with a new project inspired by the Pirates of the Caribbean.

I had a beautiful bottle, that once had some kind of liquor inside and which I nearly threw away in a declutter frenzy. I think you can all relate…
Anyway, I finally decided just to empty it from the liquid and hide it away for some future creation. And the future came!

Its fish-like shape made me think of a sea themed project. I thought of what I’d like to find, on a walk on a deserted beach, one summer evening just before the sun set. It would be a treasure from the past, washed ashore, sticking out of the sand just a tiny bit for me to discover. Then pirates came to my mind and so on.

I wanted a pirate’s skull on my bottle and since I didn’t have one, I made one with polymer clay. I also made some tentacles out of epoxy clay and casted a couple of star fish with light air-dry clay. 

I aged the skull, by applying a combination of Media Antiquing Creams.

I used the clock stamp from Andy’s Steampunk set with air dry clay and made a couple more embellishments. You can see the process, in the video below.

To create some texture, I did some stenciling with Andy’s 6x6 Snake’s Web stencil and black modeling paste. I used heavy gel to glue mini art stones here and there. Also, I glued some gears from Tando’s Industrial Kits.

As a base coat, I applied Americana Decor Chalky Finish – Carbon. , I colored the bottle with Traditions in greens and blues. For the next layers, I mixed the paints with DecoArt Glazing Medium  and also did some dry brushing with Traditions Warm White, mixed with a drop of Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide. 

Since my main colors were green and blue, I chose warm orange and red for the highlights.

Altering this bottle was great fun! 
I really hope you enjoy it too.
Wishing you all a happy creative weekend!

You can find Natassa Blazaki - Art Recipes and More in:

6x6 Stencil Snake’s Web

Steampunk Stamp Set


Chalky Finish Carbon
Traditions Phthalo Blue, Teal Green, Aquamarine, Quinacridone Gold, Transparent Yellow Iron Oxide, Warm White, True Gold
Media Fluids Primary Magenta, Diarylide Yellow, Raw Umber, Paynes Grey
Media Antiquing Creams English Red Oxide, Carbon Black
Matte Metallics Aged Bronze
Glazing Medium

Premium Heavy Gel Medium Gloss

Other supplies

Polymer Clay
Epoxy Clay
Light air-dry Clay
E6000 glue
Flat brushes

Archival Ink Black

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