Thursday 31 October 2019

Abandoned Tomb By Heather Thompson

As we fast approach the Halloween Season, I wanted to do a ghoulish project with Andy's pastes and paints. I must admit I absolutely love the texture this Starta Paste makes. I decided on the Art Box from Tando Creative. I made a little video of the creative process and evolution of how this project came to be.
Andy Skinner Tomb.jpg 
Here is the short video:

As the project started to come together, I added more and more details. I was going to add the tombstone, but in the end, after adding the door to the tomb. I ended up just using it in the background. But it still added to the effect of the project.
  Andy Skinner Tomb 5
I used the tags embellishments kit to add a tomb marker, Using the resist paste to add to the old feeling of the project.
Andy Skinner Tomb 1

Using a resin skull, I aged with mixing the Quinn Gold and the Raw Umber in a "Dirty Wash".
Andy Skinner Tomb 2
I hope you enjoy the project and Thank you all and have a great day!!!!
black and white head shot

Rub On Transfers
Mixed Media Pastes/Paints
Rock'n Rust Stamp
The Art Room Base Kit
France Papillon Tags And Embellishments Kit

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