Friday 28 February 2020

Brandy Glass Flower Bowls - using Quick Grag Glue for decoupage on glass

Today's project is a super quick 'repurposing' project.
Old brandy glasses, quick grab glue mixed 50/50 with water, and beautiful rice papers are all you need to repurpose old glassware. You can use this technique on soooo many surfaces with this glue!
You might have seen from a previous post with an upcycled wine bottle, how brilliant the Quick Grab Glue is for decoupaging rice papers. So I used the same combo for a mega quick project, repurposing two glasses in the process. To find the glue and papers, click HERE!
The glue is so good that, even when watered down 50-50, it still grabs quickly and is still really strong. So is a great way to decorate and strengthen glassware.
This combo of glue and rice papers is also a really good base, so I could easily paint over the whole thing if I want to change the colours or completely redecorate them.
Tell us how you've used the quick grab glue!
For more details and the full story, check out my blog
Thanks for looking.

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