Tuesday 27 October 2020

Scary Skull Bingo Card

Happy Halloween! 

Only a few days away, it's time to share my vintage style Scary Skull Bingo Card created just for Andy.  I love dimensional pieces and this witch hat and netting does just the trick.

This is the last week for sharing our Halloween Spooktober with you.  This week's theme is 

"THE WITCHING HOUR". Consider this skull a witch's skull! After all, she IS wearing her hat!

Such a fun little project!  

Let's get right to the instructions as to how to create this and then I will provide the every essential supply list of Andy Skinner and Creative Expression's fabulous products!

The inspiration for this piece is Andy's Sugar Skull stamp from Creative Expressions. I stamped it onto a piece of specialty stamping paper using Black Permanent Ink.  Then I fussy cut around it. 

I used the skull to create a witch's hat our of black construction paper.  After cutting out the pieces from my plain cardstock pattern, I cut it out of the black construction paper; slit the back of the hat brim and cut a slit across part of the center of the oval brim so that the skull top would slip into it (slit in the back of the brim to the back of the skull). Next I cut out the cone shape of the hat, rolled it a little and pressed the tabs left on either side to the back so that I could glue it onto the Bingo card base.

I used a Halloween Bingo card from one of my many computer files of things found online. Next I brushed Andy's Cosmic Shimmer Super Matte Varnish over the paper Halloween Bingo card.  Heat set it dry and then mixed Andy's Cosmic Shimmer Artist Pigment Paints in Primary Yellow and Primary Magenta with a little water to create a wash. I quickly brushed over the Bingo card base with the orange mixture and heat set it dry before it could buckle the paper Bingo card. Then I dabbed a paper towel into the paint mixture and randomly dotted it over the Bingo card and heat set it to dry.

Again, I added a topcoat of the Super Matte Varnish to seal it. It leaves a soft finish that is still feels like the paper; no shine or shimmer.

I had stamped several of the Sugar Skulls in order to experiment with colors of green for the base of the skull.  This is a witch's skull after all!  Using Andy's Cosmic Shimmer Matte Chalk Paint colors of Olive Grove and Mustard Seed with a little water, I made four different color combinations and finally decided on my favorite; a bit more green than the yellow base. 

After creating the base color I really liked, I used a very small detail brush to fill in all of the wonder details on the Sugar Skull.  More like a Cinco Di Mayo skull style, I added shades of orange and green to fill in all of the flower petals, leaves and decorative additions.  There are also little touches of white in the eyes to make them pop.

After the skull is complete, I added the witch's hat using glue to the backside of the skull.  

Here is the closer look at the witch's skull with the hat in place (before I added the vintage soft black netting to the brim. I also "cleaned up" the teeth using a small permanent black ink pen to make the dark lines on the teeth completely black again.

It's amazing how a little piece of  netting can completely finish a piece!  I love it! I mounted the Bingo card on a piece of 5 1/4" x 4 1/4" black cardstock. Done!


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