Tuesday 5 April 2022

Warrior Congo Mask with Heather and Olivia April Challenge


Welcome back, I have a treat today. Andy Skinner has a monthly challenge going on. The theme is the Congo. Interesting and somewhat not the easiest challenge to do for some of us. I was thinking that maybe my daughter Olivia and I would do a collaboration. After a bit of some brainstorming and a much needed call with Andy. Olivia and I decided that she would sculpt the Congo mask and I would do the framing.
Challenge Rules
  • Design an exhibit that may have been found in the Congo.
  • Item to be in a jar, bottle, picture frame, or box.
  • Only one item per expedition member
  • Must be a new work of art
  • Artwork to be submitted by April 29th, 2022
  • # for the posts is #congochallenge
  • Product and tools - Whatever you have in your stash if you have any of my products that would be fantastic!
  • No Glitter and gilding pastes are to be kept to a minimum. (sorry).
Any T-shirt from my clothing range https://jackallen.co/ and a set of my Artist pigment paints. Congo Inspiration Gallery https://www.facebook.com/media/set?set=oa.285223373724374...
Who’s in? #congochallenge

Olivia did a little research on the congo and found the masks, she sketched some ideas on to some paper and off she went.

This girls brain is so talented, It amazes me how a simple 5 minute sketching session and she is off doing something else. So we had a road trip in our future to pick up some polymer clay.

We got to have a call with Andy one Saturday afternoon and the two of them chatted about what they were up to and art and ideas for the challenge. Olivia was in her element with Andy. Soon hopefully one day we will be able to go back.

Here are a few pictures of her creative process.

Just a side note the sketches she drew, we couldn't find them and this was all from memory and just her creative brain.


Olivia in her element.

I had sent a few photos to Andy and they brainstormed a few details on the piece.

Yep she finished it all under an hour while on a call to Andy. It was about 58 minutes and her mask was in the oven setting.

So with the collaboration in the works, I start to work on the frame, I need Olivia to paint her portion but like any teenager, its on her terms and timeframe. So I started with some ideas I had in my head.


Here is the video progression of the photo. This is the first video of Olivia I has shared. It is mesmerising to watch her. No colour wheel for her, she just mixes and gets what she envisions.

We pretty much got the piece done, and it was missing some things. I felt it needed to have more elements from the Congo, Olivia and I talked about it and decided to add some leaves.

Olivia also didn't like the boldness of the Industrial Wings so using her mixed paint, I softened the look of them with some dry brushing.

I set the piece aside and slept on it. I wanted to add a few more details. Sisal and some spears on the sides would be perfect for this warrior mask.

We discussed that we needed to make the leaves bold to help break up the neutral colours of the frame and background. I bit of blending on my part. (Yes, I need a colour wheel.) I think we both are happy with the outcome of the collaboration.


Well I hope you enjoy! And we hope you join our challenge this month.

Heather and Olivia

Supplies Mixed Media Pastes/Paints
Tando Creative  Eldaro



  1. Welcome back! Today is a special treat. There is a monthly challenge being held by Andy Skinner. The listing copywriting service is the subject. Interesting, albeit for some of us not the simplest challenge to complete. I considered working together with my daughter Olivia on a project. after some brainstorming and a conversation with Andy, which was desperately required. The Congo mask would be sculpted by Olivia, and I would handle the framing, Olivia and I agreed.

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