Tuesday 4 January 2011

A New Arrival.. The Imagepac Stampmaker

The old Imagepac Stampmaker worked well but it took far too long for a man of my patience so I was excited to unpack the latest model which boasts to produce a stamp in 5 minutes….hmmm…really??
It comes with everything needed to make around 14 stamps along with the UV Stampmaker, software and all the accessories needed, after that all you need to do is replenish the negative film sheets and the imagepac gel to make more.

My first attempt was to produce a stamp of a child's handprint, reduce it in size and stamp into a silver clay pendant. As there were no children present I grabbed one of the girls from the office and took a print of her hand on paper which I scanned into the computer. I then used the software provided to print a negative black & white image to the size required. A stamp in less than five minutes?? you bet-cha!!  I was shocked at how quick the process was, the UV light box makes all the difference. Below is a silver heart pendant with the reduced handprint stamped into it, all it needs now is a polish.
Next I attempted a larger stamp which worked great with no problems.
easter butterfly girlcropee
On more experimentation however I found a few negatives.

  • Very fine detail is not great, especially on smaller stamps.
  • The software package works ok but I found I achieved far better results using Photoshop or Photoscape.
  • The printed negative paper scratches very easily so be gentle with it.
On the whole this is a vast improvement on the old system and the positives far out way the negatives. I would suggest if using it for impressing baby prints into silver however,  you should get some training or it may cost you big-time in the long run.



  1. Thanks for providing this information. I've been debating for 2 years whether to get a stamps making machine and also sourced out the "raw" materials to make my own. I may just have to bite the bullet and order this one. :)

    Take care...

  2. Oh forgot to ask, where can I get one? or where can I get the best deal in the UK :)

  3. Hey Andy

    Katie here hope you are well- we want a stamp maker now- would you still advise this one as a starter? what problems may we encounter with this machine? or would you now advise another one

    Katie x


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