Saturday 16 April 2011

da Vinci returns

I had one last photocopy left of the study of a woman's head by da Vinci and decided to use it on an old box canvas that has been kicking around.
It was just a practice to see how Decoart’s modeling paste would react with distress ink’s and Decoart’s two part Perfect Crackle medium and it did not let me down!

Andy Skinner da Vinchi returns
Unlike Gesso this modeling paste absorbs the Distress inks in fact it loves them and stamping into it is a breeze!

The two part Perfect Crackle Medium worked brilliantly also.

There are a few different techniques used on this canvas including acrylic blistering and modeling paste application.
I may do a video on it if time allows!

Have a great weekend everyone,



  1. That's a fab canvas........great effects and the image is superb !!

  2. Oh yes please a video would be wonderful. Your canvas is stunning!

  3. Hi! I just tried to use Decoart Two Part Perfect Crackle on a canvas today. The canvas is covered in a page from a book. Nothing happened. Can you please tell me if your photocopy had anything on the face of it? I used gel medium on the back and the face of my book page. I am thinking I should not have sealed the front of it before using the perfect crackle. I had sealed it about a week before I tried using the perfect crackle. Maybe it only works on photo copies? Any help you could give me is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  4. Hi Tiffany, I will send you an email.


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