Thursday 19 May 2011


Here is the latest box, Calico Crafts sent me a pack of watch parts a while back now and I have finaly put them to use on this wooden box!

andy-skinner-steampunk-box 3b

I applied gesso to the lid of the box thickly and sprinkled the small cogs and watch parts into it and allowed it to dry before decorating with Americana Acrylic paints and Distress inks.

andy-skinner-steampunk-box 3a

I used an old typewriter key for the handle which was kindly sent to me from Louise over at Alter it Monthly.

andy-skinner-steampunk-box 3

Think I will use it to keep all my small watch parts in……….Hold on…errrr….ummmm.. I've just used them all!



  1. Hope this will be at Craft Barn would love to see it irl. Fabulous piece. XOXO Zoe

  2. Very cool. I recognise some bits there ;).

  3. Absolutely stuuning!Love the lid and all those parts Fab!


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