Friday 20 May 2011

So Retro!

Here are some retro coasters I made earlier, you could also use them as wall-hangings.
My designs were made in Photoshop and printed onto standard paper on a laser printer.
Remember to make a mirror image of them before printing, especially if text is going to be involved.

Here is one of them

I then used Americana Gloss spray sealer to transfer the Image onto a 4” x 4” bisque tile. Here is a link to my you tube channel to watch videos on this technique. I will also be demonstrating this at the Craft Barn Extravaganza in June.
I then used a blending tool with Distress Inks to colour them.

The white dots are from droping water onto the surface of the bisque.
I like the two coasters but wanted to see how far I could go with aging them, they are a bit to clean cut for me.
I Brushed a coat of matte Duraclear Varnish over the top knowing that this would smudge and lighten the distress ink but would seal the surface of the bisque. This is just an experiment so if all goes wrong….hey I can always do some more!


Come on you know I just had to add a bit of rust!! I will have my coffee sitting on one in the morning!


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