Sunday 5 June 2011

Craft Barn Extravaganza

Hi all,

What a great couple of days!…Hello to everyone who sat and watched my table get so messy,  it ended up as organised chaos! the perfect way to work :)
On a serious note I have met so many lovely people over the weekend,  everyone has been so kind, it has been such a pleasure and a very enjoyable experience so thank you all so much.
I arrived at the hotel on Friday and have to say it was lovely,  I just wish I had brought my golf clubs as I had views of the putting green and 1st tee from my window!

Click on pictures for a larger view

I also had a chance to walk around Lingfield in the afternoon and discovered the little duck pond which lindsay Mason informed me about, here are some pictures of it…..Love the distressed door of the little prison where they would lock up petty offenders!


It was lovely also to catch up with Lindsay and Paula Pascal and also meet some of the Craft Barn DT, unfortunately there was very little time to chat!…Thanks Neil for the Acrylic block ;) and a big hello to everyone from UK Stampers!

Just wanted to show you these pictures which were hung outside my hotel room door, some great steampunk inspiration!

It has been a nightmare journey traveling back to Oxford via the m25, lots of rain and broken down vehicle's so I will leave this post here and continue tomorrow.
Take care everyone,



  1. Great to meet you Andy! Loved your demos & went home with 5 of your stamp sets! Lol! Never noticed that distressed prison door before!

  2. glad it went well Andy.. you will need to have a really long lie tomorrow..

  3. So glad that you enjoyed your day....wish I could have been there ! Nice that some of our members were there also, bet you are cream crackered (the M25 is bad without further complications)

  4. I enjoyed meeting you in the flesh, so too speak to! I only hope by the time the CB restocks I will have forgotten all I learned! Still wonderful videos to refresh my memory! Looking forward to your class. Have a rest tonight and put your feet up!

  5. Hi Andy, I stopped by your table today, it was grand to see all the crafty mess and listen to all the wonderful inspiration, I loved it! Thank you so much:0) xxx

  6. Thank you so much for the wonderful inspiration you gave us over the weekend. I can't wait to play with the lovely texture ideas you gave us - and woke up on Saturday night to find myself dreaming of altering googly eyes!!! It was a real treat to see all your wonderful works of art on display too, and to hear how you had created them. You were one of the highlights of a fantastic weekend.

  7. Hi Andy,
    I just want to say you were such an inspiration this weekend, what I loved about you is the fact that you do not follow the norm, and think outside the box, we really need people like you on the scene.


  8. Thank you all for your comments, and thanks Alison for buying the stamps, I hope you enjoy using them.
    Louise it was such a shame you had short notice and could not be there, it would have been great to meet up but I am sure we will bump into each-other at an event soon...still using your goodies btw!
    Thanks Sid, I have to admit I was on such a buzz from the weekend I felt OK and got to work early this morning to start preps for an open day at Country Love Ceramics next Monday, although starting to feel tired now!

    Whyducks it was lovely to meet you and I can now put a face to the name.. I will be putting a tutorial up on the blog using the modeling paste so you should be OK! :) I cant believe how quickly it sold out but it is a great product.
    Mustavcoffee thank-you, I here we are going to be working together!! congrats on becoming a member of the Craft Barn DT.
    And finally Sara, thank-you for those lovely comments, I am sorry I could not remember the exact process of my mixed media layered tile, but when layering you really need to write it down straight away as you are changing the piece so much and your mind can get completely lost!

    Thanks everyone again.


  9. HI Andy

    Great to meet you in real life :) OMG your stuff is amazing!! The crackle was so delicate and detailed. The steam punk box/pannel so reminded me of the tardis.

    Thanks for your kind comments about my books too.

    Best wishes


  10. Hi Andy, It was nice to meet you even if we hadn't got so much time to talk. It will not comfort you but my home back journey was a nightmare too as my flight had been delayed for 4 hours (without smoking, lol)
    I'm going to follow your blog now ;-)
    Beatrice from Katzelkraft


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