Wednesday 8 June 2011

Altered Secret Book & Faith!

Now,  this maybe me just showing off my beautiful Grand-daughter Faith but there is an artistic reason for me posting this picture!


While visiting my oldest daughter Jade last weekend I discovered she had photographs of some of my early work with pastels, when i say early, I was in my teens, all of my artwork   unfortunately got destroyed by a flood but these three were luckily photographed.
All i can remember about these paintings are that I worked from a book which gave step by step instructions but that's about it!….

pastel 1pastel 2pastel
So please photograph your work as soon as it's finished and don't make the same mistake as I did..there really  is no excuse today with digital photography.

Right,  on to the secret book, Country Love Crafts were sent this as a sample, I really like it and hope they will start stocking it.

Here is the finished piece using Americana Acrylic, Distress ink,  Tissue Tape, Tando Creative laser cut board to mention just a few!

Click on images for a larger view
steampunk book 3steampunk book 5

steampunk book 8

Take care,



  1. :) you gotta know I love this one!!! awesome

  2. A granddad never, congratulations!
    Love the secret book and what you have done with it is terrific! I hope they stock it too!

  3. Grandad? Anyway your pastels were fab and so is your altered book !!

  4. Ha!....Lets just say I started young & so did my daughter! lol

  5. Absolutely LOVE it!

  6. Absolutely LOVE IT!

  7. Absolutely LOVE IT!

  8. Your grand-daughter looks like you Andy!!

    Gorgeous pastels and steam punk books.

  9. Really love this Andy, Great colours and the style is right up my street.

  10. That is just absolutely brilliant!!! And what a gorgeous grandaughter too! You don't look old enough to have a grandaughter!!! :)

  11. Hurrah - didn't think you'd stay away from steampunk for long Andy! Fabulous work - love all the detail and the colours are fab. Look forward to hopefully getting the blanks in :)

  12. Grand father?? really ???
    Little Faith is gorgeous !!
    your pastels are amazing and I love that altered book too

  13. Wow! Really awesome work! I love it. What a sweet little granddaughter too, and lovely artwork!

  14. Hi Andy, Wonderful photo of your grand daughter, so sweet! Your paintings are just lovely , the old man is stunning:0) The book, now that really is wonderful, I love steampunk and the colour is brilliant. Thank you for your congrats, you're very kind, I'm looking forward to working with you too:0) Gay x

  15. p.s I forgot to say I've just used your Gothic stamps on a card and I'm in love with them! The fine text laid out in such perfect lines is perfect for structure/ backgrounds. In fact I've used all of the stamps on that sheet already and I haven't had it long so Thank you, Gay x

  16. How I envy your talent Andy. Is there anything you can't turn your hands too? The paintings are wonderful but the one of the girl laying down..WOW! It's beautiful.


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